Smokey Hill Country Club Golf Course

Smoky Hill Country Club

3303 Hall Street
(785) 625 - 7377
 P.O. Box 204
Hays, KS 67601

Oak Room


The sporty room at the Smoky Hill Country Club is the Oak Room. In the spring, summer, and early fall months this room provides a very casual, clubby room to enjoy a bit of attitude adjustment and partake in a menu as diverse as a sandwich or a fine steak. With the relaxed atmosphere, the room simply gets more fun in relation to the attendance on any given lunch or dinner.
The Oak Room is by far the members choice when coming to the club. During the winter months, the Oak Room provides an opportunity to the membership to cozy up to the fireplace providing an atmosphere of total relaxation.

The room offers a 60 inch rear projection television and with newly acquired high definition features providing the clearest view of any event being televised. The new patio area adjacent to the Oak Room enhances the popularity of the room.
You can get a quick bite to eat or make an evening of it in the Oak Room. Reservations are important for the Oak Room because we know your coming and may very well get your special table.