Smokey Hill Country Club Golf Course

Smoky Hill Country Club

3303 Hall Street
(785) 625 - 7377
 P.O. Box 204
Hays, KS 67601

Back 9

Hole # 10

#10 This 360 yard par 4 is one of the toughest holes on the golf course. An accurate tee shot down the left side of the fairway is needed. With two huge bunkers and nasty sloped green. Par is a great score on this hole.

Hole #11

#11 Number 11 is the toughest par three on the course. This 169 yard hole is very challenging with a strong south wind. With a hazard on the back of the green, being long is no fun. With a back to front sloped green, being under the cup gives the best chance for birdie.

Hole # 12

#12 A short dog-leg left. Number 12 is a great chance for birdie. An accurate tee shot will give a relatively easy pitch shot to a flat green. Don’t get to cocky, an arrant tee shot will cause a fast bogey.

Hole # 13

#13 This challenging par 5 totals 531 yards. The tee shot is very important to set up the next shot. The second shot will have to carry over water to the landing area. With an elevated green this hole is very tough to make a birdie.

Hole 14

#14 This difficult dog-leg right is challenging without wind. Number 14 requires a precise iron shot to a back to front sloped green. As the wind picks up from the north this 372 yard hole plays even longer

Hole 15

#15 This hole has birdie written all over it. This short par 4 totaling 352 yards and be reached by the long players and with a short pitch shot. Once to the green, a relatively flat putt will be upon.

hole 16

#16 The easiest hole on the golf course. This 316 yard par 4 can be accessible in two ways. A safe iron shot to the middle of the fairway or for the longer players to hit the driver to the green. Birdie is a common score on this hole.

Hole 17

#17 A great dog-leg left. This uphill par 4 totaling 316 yards is all about the tee shot. A safe shot will allow an easy short iron shot to a relative flat green. The only danger is the two greenside bunkers.

Hole 18

#18 Number 18 is not a friendly hole. Tournaments have been lost and won on this hole. This short 154 yard par 3 causes headaches. A precise tee shot is needed to carry water and overhanging trees near the green. There are two bunkers on the left and right side of the green. With a steady back to front slope, this green has had many three putts. This is a great finishing hole to a tough golf course.