Smokey Hill Country Club Golf Course

Smoky Hill Country Club

3303 Hall Street
(785) 625 - 7377
 P.O. Box 204
Hays, KS 67601

You probably feel pretty good when you're at the perfect yardage for the club in your hands. But what about
those annoying yardages, like when a full 7-iron is going to be too much, and a full 8-iron might not get there?
Or when you're 45 yards from the green and your full lob wedge flies 60? I've seen many golfers struggle in
these situations because they swing too hard or decelerate the club to try to control distance, and neither really works.
Next time you play try these 2 adjustments. Grip down an inch and stop your back swing just short of your usual
top position. Then make your normal through-swing. Don't change your speed coming through the ball. That's key.
Swing speed also is important when you have less than a full wedge into a green. This is the area of the course
where I've noticed amateurs struggle the most


Meet the Pro

Kirby Garrison

I would like to introduce myself as your Smoky Hill Country Club Head Golf Professional. The golf industry has been an integral part of my life for the past 35 years. Introducing golf through instruction or play from beginners to advanced players has deepened my passion for this great game. Being Natives of Northwest Kansas, my wife Judy and I were excited to move our daughters Sophia 15 and Lily, 12 to Hays in 2016. We enjoy being part of the Hays community and all it offers from golf to social activities.